Natural Homemade Snake Repellent

Snakes, depending upon your personal preference, can be beautiful and sensuous creatures of nature or they can be icky, slimy and slithering creatures. No matter your take on snakes, however, they can present a serious problem depending upon your geographical location. Even the most innocent looking snake (is there such a thing?) can be deadly poisonous which is why it is important not to handle snakes unless you are a professional. A snake repellent can be really handy in keeping snakes away from your home and your person. There are a number of snake repellents available on the market which you can buy. However, in case the snakes are a frequent problem in your area you might want to look at some homemade snake repellent ideas as it will be less expensive.

Snake Repellants for the Home - One such natural snake repellent can be made by mixing equal amounts of freshly smashed garlic and rock salt. Sprinkle the mixture around the house or around the area where you do not want the snakes to enter. If you have a severe problem with snakes slithering up around your home all of the time, you can use a handful of the garlic and rock salt mixture to throw at the head of the snake. This will cause the snake to lose consciousness; it will not kill it. However, you must still be very careful in removing the snake as the time period for which it will remain unconscious cannot be predicted and varies from one snake to another.

Another good snake repellent can be made by mixing equal parts of moth balls and cat litter. The mixture needs to be spread forming a thick layer around the area that is to be protected. Snakes do not like the smell of moth balls and try to stay from the mixture. Also, the cat litter sticks in the scales of the snake which makes movement difficult for snakes and it will do its best to move away from the area.

A really strong snake repellent can be made by mixing equal parts of sulfur and moth crystal. The surface area is more for moth crystals as compared with the moth balls. The smell of sulfur is not liked by snakes at all and prevents them from coming close to it.

Any of these snake repellents must not only be sprinkled around the house or around the area to be protected but must also be put into all crevices and cracks to be effective.

More recently, solar electronic snake repellents have made their way into the market. They send out vibrations through the earth surface in all directions. If a snake is nearby, the vibrations are picked up which makes it uncomfortable and persuades it to leave the area. These are really easy to install and maintain. Also, its operational cost is nil as it needs only solar energy for working. These are recommended in areas where there are small children.

Naphthalene is a chemical available in the market that is effective on snakes. However, it causes liver damage and anemia and its use is not really recommended. There are other products available in the market that are naphthalene free like Liquid fence snake repellent or Dr T’s Snake-A-Way repellent which are effective snake repellents.

Snake Repellent when coming into Contact Face to Fang - Cinnamon oil and clove oil are natural snake repellents and a mixture of these can work really effectively in driving away the snake. Equal parts of both the oils should be mixed and put into a spray bottle. Shake well and spray on the snake.

Another spray that can be effective once you come across a snake is composed of one percent of active ingredients which consists of either cinnamon oil, clove oil or eugenol oil, another one percent of sodium lauryl sulfate and 98 percent of water. You must spray the mixture on the head of the snake using a spray bottle. It is effective is causing the snake to turn ‘tail’ and go the other way. Also, the mixture can be applied on solid surface and will again prevent the snake from entering the area.

Using snake repellants is a good way to help keep them away from your home; however, always remember the potential danger of poisonous snake bites and do not handle them unless you are a professional.

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