Do Opossums Hibernate?

Possums, unlike many other mammals in its category, do not hibernate, however they may take temporary and prolonged shelter especially during the winter period, its body is quite fragile and its fur does not provide as much insulation as needed during winter . For this reason, Possums do pack their burrowed dens with remnants of trees, leaves and rock substances to make their dens more comfortable and create more insulation during the winter period. Possums normally move out in the night and that is when they burrow. They can also move into burrowed places created by other animals.

Possums have under-fur region that is dense and has some sparse guard hairs, they do have tails that are rather short and have no furs or any protection. Though they possess some canine teeth that are very prominent, they seem to attack smaller animals only . Possums are known to consume as much vegetable substances as possible before the winter seasons and the reason being that they need more fat to produce insulation, however, they may temporarily visit compost piles, garbage cans as well as pet feeding containers. Though they can survive in most regions but they often prefer to hibernate in wooded or open fields .

Possums may also prefer to hibernate close to streams and swamps, and sometimes, they can temporarily live in attics and garages where it is easier for them to create messy nests. Possums prefer to live alone and they may burrow and acquire places ranging from 10acres to 50 acres of land spaces. Possums are generally considered as game animals, however they may become nuisance when they are allowed to stay close to homes for too long. In some countries such as New Zealand and Australia, Possums may be reared to control several other pests and rodents especially those that attack crops .

Possums Are generally quiet animals, however, they may growl or hiss when threatened. They often stay quietly on top of trees and do not make noises especially when they locate their prey from the top of the trees. Possums do not hibernate, but their activities decrease sharply with decreasing temperatures, and that is why many people will say that they do hibernate. Possums are generally not frightened by the appearance of other similar animals such as raccoons, and squirrels, however, they prefer to be isolated from such animals and can be very aggressive when forced to do so.

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