What should I do about pigeons in my chimney?

Most common problem with houses with chimneys is that it attracts pigeons and other birds as a perfect location to set up camp. First things first, as soon as you detect the presence of pigeons in your chimney make remedial steps instantly as this might cause problem for both, you and the pigeons. Most probably you would investigate the market for proper devices that ensure the exclusion of pigeons from your chimney. Since there is a vast variety of commercialized products that claim to help you in this manner, it might become overwhelming. The competitive market is a lot confusing that either gives impartial advice or conflicting claims that may slow down your decision making thus slowing the exemption of pigeons from your chimney.

Rather than making a rash decision and choosing a commercial deterrent without knowing its pros and cons or just deciding to remove the culprit yourself, there are a few things that you need to know. All these off the rack products and specialized services of a contractor can get really expensive. Before you do all this there are a few methods which when applied properly can be really effective in deterring pigeons without investing huge sums of money and can be as effective as their commercial counterparts.

If a pigeon has built nest in your chimney there is no need to panic. Most probably it will have placed its nest on the smoke shelf that is inside the chimney. This smoke shelf prevents the rain from pouring down the chimney. Since this might cause you trouble in the future there is no need to leave the bird inside the chimney. This might be considered an offense under your state law because it lives in your property and you can't leave the pigeon inside to die slowly.

You need to understand that the pigeons can't fly vertically upwards as they are heavy but they can fly down. The thing to notice here is that pigeons are attracted towards light so empty the fireplace and shine a torch towards the pigeon so that it follows the light and can easily fly down and out.

If the pigeon does not fly down there are other methods to help it out. You can start by pushing it off the smoke shelf using a pole. This will help the pigeon to find its way downwards. If the pigeon is within sight you can use the help of a long reach grabber and remove it. This way you will not hurt the bird and free it off its misery.

In most of the areas fire squads are responsible for the removal of unwanted things or animals that may block any ventilation system. Once the bird is out of your chimney safe and sound, make sure to make necessary arrangements to block the chimney in such ways that it enables proper ventilation and deter further animals/birds from making your chimney their home.

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