Is it ok to feed pigeons?

The obvious answer to the title question would be “Yes, you should pigeons if you want to.” Feeding pigeons can be a very pleasant experience as you get to enrich more than one life at one time. Pigeons are extremely likeable and interactive birds that will even stand in front of you and look you straight in the eye, with the hopes that you are the kind person that will feed them. This is certainly hard to resist. Even harder to resist is the overwhelming feeling that you are their only source of food. When wanting to feed pigeons, you best lay out the pros and cons of doing so. Feeding pigeons could possibly come with some unwanted consequences. One problem could be that when you begin feeding pigeons frequently, they will quickly become used to you, get to be familiar with you easily, and come back every day for more food.

Furthermore, your neighbours could also become a problem if they feel that the birds are becoming a nuisance. This of course, would be problem when you are at complete liberty to feed them. This would mean that you need to have the proper means and location to regularly feed them without anyone complaining. On the flipside, you could also start developing a personal connection and become attached to individual birds. If you take pleasure in the company of pigeons and feel the need to feed them, the best advice to you would include a few pointers as listed here. To avoid the feeding ritual from being a problem to anyone, you can make sure not to overfeed by feeding only a little at a time. It also helps to feed in several different locations, at different times and only every few days. It is not recommended that you ever trespass on private land to feed pigeons, even if you really want to. If you do decide to feed pigeons, you are kindly prompted to keep the pointers in this article, in mind.

So what do you feed pigeons? Feeding pigeons seems like a relatively simple thing to do. However, choosing the best pigeon feed does require a bit of understanding in regard to the digestion of the pigeon. The aim would be to offer them the same amounts of nutrient rich and low fat feed that well-fed pigeons are thriving on. Corn is always a good idea when feeding pigeons, especially during the colder months. As alternative to corn based diets, you could improvise and create a more tasty diet for the pigeons to feast on. For example, dried field peas makes for the perfect addition to a most satisfying pigeon diet. This particular diet boosts their precious immune systems and strengthens their muscles, feathers and bones.

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