Will homeowners insurance pay for pigeon damage?

Generally, most standard home insurance programs will not cover vandalisms caused by animals such as pigeons and there is no standard procedure whereby a policy can describe all possible damages caused by animals, thus, not all claims relating to damages caused by pigeons will be acceptable. Sometimes, Insurance companies provide accidental coverage, but there is a limit to such coverage. While most insurance companies will not provide cover on damages caused by pests but if you take a full accidental coverage, your insurance company should provide pest-damage insurance cover. Insurance companies who don’t provide cover for damages caused by pests would normally provide cover for damages caused by wild animals.

Insuring your home against damages caused by pet is important, especially when you have aggressive breeds of such pets, however, insuring your home against birds such as Pigeons is quite uncommon. Aside Pigeons, other unwanted animals such as insects can destroy some valuable items in your home. Birds such as Pigeons may fall from your Chimney and cause damages to your roof, but the problem from such pigeon invasions may not be covered even if you have paid for any accidental damage cover on top your general insurance premiums.

In some cases, you may be able to make claims on your property insurance if an un-domesticated animal cause damages to such property, for instance pigeons flying into your door or windows, or squirrels gnawing at your wooden garage door frames can cause significant damages but you must have paid extra accidental damage cover in order to make such claims.

Most insurance companies consider damages caused by Pigeons and other birds as maintenance issues and that means that your insurance company expects you to avoid such issues rather than wait to make claims and get compensated. Your insurance company may expect you to have eradicated bugs and some other foods that Pigeons eat; as such eradication will help avoid Pigeons from causing significant damages to your property. For this reason, you as the homeowner is expected to pay for damages caused by pigeons instead of your Insurance company.

While your Insurance company may not cover you for damages caused by Pigeons, the good news is that the company will cover you when a long term damage such as eventual collapse of your roof , door or any other component. You can count on your insurance company to help pay for repairs on walls, doors, or floors as such damages may be considered as accidental or sudden.

There is a long and growing exclusion lists when it comes to getting insurance cover, and one of such exclusion are the damages caused by pets and other animals such as birds but it is your duty as a home owner to sign up for an all-inclusive insurance cover to ensure that you are fully covered.

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