Rat Trapping How to Trap Rats in Attic

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How to live trap rats
It is normally not effective to consider live trapping and removal of rats, though this type of control method can be used if the rat population is small. It is speculated that there are more rats than people in the world, so relocation is not always practical or wise. Most rats will eventually find their way back into human territory or will be killed through predation in the wild. If you live trap a rat in the attic and let it go outside, it will almost certainly die within 24 hours without access to its home.

Lethal rat trap
The most humane way of rat control is lethal trapping. This type of trapping can be done a number of ways. High-tech remedies include electrified traps which send a bolt of electricity straight the rodent’s brain. This type of technology is cool but not necessary. Homeowners will have just as much luck trapping rats with old fashioned snap traps. Snap traps have a bad reputation, probably because of their obvious application method. The truth about snap traps is that they are one of the most humane ways to kill a rat. Using glue traps and letting the animal starve from inactivity are definitely less humane than a precise application of pressure to break the spinal cord. Snap traps are easily set and can be bait with something inexpensive like peanut butter. When placed appropriately, these types of traps are highly effective.

Snap Trap Bait and Placement
Bait is not very important. Trap placement IS VERY important. You can bait a trap with peanut butter or slimjim or chocolate. Doesn't matter. A trap with no bait, if placed correctly, will catch the rats, and no bait will trap them if the snap trap is put in the wrong area. Rats are creatures of habit that run over the same trails over and over. Place the traps on these trails. You can find them by examining for droppings, brown rat grease and urine, or trails in the insulation. Read more about rat bait to trap rats here.

How to keep rats away from your home
It’s not difficult to keep rats away from your home, and it’s less of a headache to prevent them from entering a building than getting them out once they arrive. Rat prevention starts with proper property maintenance and grooming. Rats like debris and rubble. Rats also like free food. Make sure any unnecessary items in your yard are picked up and put away. Garbage should be in sealed bags and inside sturdy containers. Compost should be buried or stored, not mounded in a pile behind your porch. Pet food is another huge lure for many wild animals. If you have outdoor pets or feed stray animals, consider picking up the food once the pets are finished with it. Leaving pet food outside overnight is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to nuisance animal prevention. Once you’ve cleaned up your yard, you need to do a complete search of the exterior of your home—top to bottom. Rats are excellent climbers and don’t need an entry point to be at ground level. Any holes should be sealed up no matter how small. This exterior examination is not a one-time deal. If you live in an area prone to rat infestations, you will want to perform this inspection of your residence often. Rats can chew through most building materials in a short amount of time. Just because there isn’t a hole today does not mean the promise of no holes in the future.

There are many forms of lethal rat traps, such as an electric trap that zaps rats dead! Sounds fun, but not very efficient. Homeowners also like glue traps and snap traps. Glue traps are not very effective and are not considered very humane, killing the rat through starvation. Snap traps are tried and true and kill a rodent in the quickest, most humane way possible. With snap traps death is almost instantaneous. It does you no good to set up lethal traps until you have examined your home and sealed off any openings that may allow rodents inside. You can trap all you want, but if the rats are still getting in, there will never be an end to the madness. When your home is sealed and you’ve done all that you can to eliminate any accessible food sources for the rats, snap traps can be placed along the obvious routes of travel the rats use. Rats will leave trails of feces and urine as well as grease marks along the walls to mark their passage. Place traps in these areas to maximize your success.

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One of the most popular, yet ill-advised methods of rat control is poison. People like the idea of poison because of the misconception that once the rodent vanishes and dies there will be no body to dispose of. The reality is quite the opposite. Poisoning a rat or rats will result in a decaying body somewhere within your home. This body will provide a pungent odor that will not go away until the carcass is removed. Beyond poison,

Learn more about how to take care of your rat problem through my educational articles! Find out how to get rats out of the garage and how to use one way exclusion funnels to remove rats without trapping them. Learn what feces look like, and why poison causes dead rats inside the house. Learn if rats are dangerous to pets and if rats can climb. Find out if a rat can chew through the ceiling, what you should do with a rat after you catch it, how to get rats out of your car, and how rats can fit into such small holes. I can also show you how to get rats out of your bedroom, out of your attic, and what kind of damage they can do while up there.

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