How to Kill Skunks With Poison

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How To Kill A Skunk
Skunks are not the most pleasant animals to be around, as they are notorious for the foul smelling musk that they can expel when they are under threat. This isn't expelled at random either, as the skunk can target an individual or predator that is threatening them, meaning that people and domestic pets are particularly likely to be targeted if the skunk is living in an urban or suburban area. This is something that has become more common, as many wild skunks are being driven to residential areas because of the loss of habitat, and it has driven many people to try and kill a skunk that has become a pest.

Poisoning A Skunk
Here are types of poison used on skunks:
Anticoagulant (rat poison): Includes warfarin, etc.
Antifreeze (Ethylene glycol)
Bromethalin (a different class of rat poison)
When many people think about killing animal one option that will often come to mind is using poison, but this really isn't a good way to deal with a pest animal. Laying out poison for a skunk can often have unforeseen consequences, and many domestic animals have been killed after getting to a poison that has been laid out for another animal. This is also an inhumane way to kill an animal, and the skunk will often look for a place to hide in safety, which can often lead to people discover a rotting carcass beneath their house or in a cavity in the property.

Shooting A Skunk
This is an option that many people will try if they live in a more rural area, and there are some people who will actively look for skunks to shoot. The reality is that in most areas where skunks can become a problem, shooting isn't a practical option as this will be an area where there are likely to be people and domestic animals. The other issue with shooting a skunk is that the caliber of bullet required is likely to cause a significant amount of blood to be released, whether it happens by bleeding or the spattering. This is an issue as skunks are known to carry rabies and other diseases.

Lethal Traps For Skunks
Another option for those who are looking to kill a skunk is to use a lethal trap, but because of the size of the skunk this is usually an impractical option. Skunks will usually become a problem when they venture near residential areas, and in these situations it is almost impossible to set a trap that won't be a danger to domestic animals such as cats and dogs. The other issue with lethal traps is that you will have to deal with a carcass, which isn't a pleasant job and there may be some state laws regarding these too.

Alternatives To Killing A Skunk
Killing skunks is not a pleasant business at the best of times, and the reality is that these animals will only become a pest in a domestic areas where they can gain access to food. This is why one of the best alternatives to killing a skunk helps to deliver a realistic solution to the problem of skunks on a permanent basis. Exclusion fencing is one of the best ways to protect a yard or garden, and it is important that this measure includes an element of the fence to be embedded below the ground so that skunks and other pests can't dig underneath the fence.

For those who don't have the money or the desire to install exclusion fencing, there are a number of simple steps that can be taken that will discourage skunks from coming to your yard or garden. Skunks do not naturally want to visit domestic areas, so removing any garbage into a shed or garage can be a wise move, as can removing any fallen fruit or other food sources to be found in the area.

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