How to find and remove a dead squirrel from the house

Decomposition of a dead squirrel will always be accompanied by odor; this is therefore the first sign of concluding that there is a dead squirrel in the house. Smell is the easiest way of locating the exact location of the dead squirrel in the house.

The identification procedure
You have to identify a specific room where the odor is coming from though it may be very challenging. The odor is usually strong where there is least air flow. If the house is wholly elevated you have to crawl underneath hidden places and sniffle everywhere; you will be able to spot where the dead squirrel is hiding. If you have a feeling that the smell is coming from the attic or in the walls you have to keep looking until you hit the strongest point where you can identify the strongest smell.

Removing the dead squirrel
In the attic: If a squirrel dies in the attic, you can find the carcass under the insulation, it is easy to remove the squirrel because all you have to do is to wear your hand gloves and pick the squirrel using your hands. In the walls: the smell in the walls is usually strong and it may be a challenge to get rid of the squirrel especially if it is in the deepest end. The best thing to do is to carefully dig a hole into the wall slightly above or below the squirrel. This will make it easy to scoop it out of the wall using your hands. It is always important to wear hand gloves because you do not want to catch the dead squirrel using your bare hands. In the chimney: In the chimney, there are high chances that the squirrel got stuck and died because of starvation or he was injured. It is not easy to climb into the chimney and there are also high chances that the squirrel will be located near the baseboards. All you can do is to find the correct spot where they are located and cut a hole into the basement. You will be able to scoop the carcass out of the chimney without any difficulties. You have to know that there is no special odor detection machine; all you need is your sense of smell.

When you successfully remove the animal, you have to clean the area to get rid of any odor left behind. You can do this by mopping up all the juices and maggots in the spot where the dead squirrel was found. If the squirrel was found in an area that allows entry of air, you have to open the windows and doors if possible to let in fresh air. Go back to the How to get rid of squirrels home page.

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