What are the most common animals that poop on or in buildings?

Everyone has a favorite animal. Whether their four legged and furry, fly in the sky or swim in the ocean it’s easy to see animals are great. But what about the unwelcomed ones? Or the ones that cause “accidents” in the house? This is a list of the most common types of animals that often defecate within our residences.

First on the list is a friend that we invite right into our home. It’s our very own household pets Fido and Mr. Jingles. Dogs, when young, often choose to go to the bathroom where it appeals to them most. Even when “house” trained accidents still happen. Even if you are a cat lover you have to admit your furry little creature doesn’t allow itself to go outside to go, it defecates where it is at and often you must set up a kitty litter and Mr. Jingles will discover his own way. When getting a cat you should consider ridding your house of any houseplants as what may occur is that your cat actually uses the soil in the pot instead of its kitty litter.

The next creature to defecate within buildings is the unwanted guest of the world- the rodent family.

If you have rat problems it is probably one of the two main species of rats in the US. One is referred to the Roof Rat and the Norway rat. The Roof Rat is more common in warm areas like South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Roof rats are usually the ones you find in your walls, hearing them crawl through your insulation at night. Norway Rats tend to stick to the ground within sewers and basements in cooler regions up north.

House Mice live everywhere. Rats and mice are commensal, which mean that they associate themselves with people, not the wild. They are more common in cities than in the country. As such, they most commonly live inside buildings, and since they don't like to be seen, they mostly live in the walls and inside the attic. They are active year-round, and they can breed in very high numbers. Thus, rodents within your household can quickly get out of hand if not properly addressed.

Chipmunks are another unwanted guest and their older brother the squirrel has a mind only towards food. This cause both of their actions to often be detrimental towards humans and our property. Chipmunks and squirrels often find household access through vents and other entries into the household, even coming in through your attic. They make their place at home and can even nest in your walls.

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