How to cut a dead animal out of your wall

Small animals usually invade your house for several reasons. They might be looking for food, shelter and also might be escaping from predators. Human houses have become the new urban jungles since many animals find themselves sheltering inside these houses. They stay inside, reproduce until they die. The animals sometimes do not choose where to die. Some get tired and stay in one position till they pass on. Others get trapped while trying to escape from pets and other predators. Other animals die immediately after they produce offspring. They die in several parts of the house. The most common parts are the ceilings, the attics and on kitchen shelves.

Animals such as rodents and small reptiles are the kind of animals that burrow inside walls and create shelters. They find the inside of the walls habitable because of the reduced disturbance and proper temperatures that facilitate proper breeding and production of offspring. After these animals die inside the walls, they produce very bad odour that compel individuals to search for it inside the wall and remove it. But how do we remove a dead animal from inside a wall? Let’s find out.

  1. First, identify the location of the wall where the dead animal is. This can be done by careful sniffing against the outer side of the wall so that you identify the exact place where the dead animal is. If you identify a wrong part of the wall, you might damage your wall due to wrong judgement. Therefore, you have to keep your sniffing skills on point. The intensity of the odour usually increases as the odour intensifies. The nature of the wall where the dead animal is not usually the same as the other parts. Sometimes it is wet or of a different colour.

  2. Once you identify the location, take a sharp pen knife with rugged edges and cut a square at the location where there is concentrated smell. Cut a square big enough to ensure that you do not remove only part of the dead animal. It is recommended that you cut out a square off the wall because it would be easier to fit the piece back if the decomposed material has not interfered with it yet.

  3. Carefully remove the dead animal and place it in a disposable polythene bag. Make sure you completely remove all the parts that might have separated due to decomposition. This will enable you to get rid of all the matter that has decomposed. Eventually the smell will also go away.

  4. Carefully return the square piece and patch it up properly on the wall. You will have successfully eliminated the dead animal from the wall.

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