What kind of damage do rodents cause in an attic?

Rodents are dangerous in every part of your home. Attic is one of the rodent entry points to your home but they also use attics to live and breed there, i.e. to increase in number and to make danger to your property even bigger. Once they get into the attic they can cause lots of damage: they will destroy installations and insulation, property that is present in attic and leave their dirt (feces, urine) everywhere around, also creating terrible smell.

Rodents are dangerous animals because they pose serious health hazard for human, as they are carriers of life-threatening diseases for humans. They can leave traces of viruses and bacteria all over your home, making it highly likely that you will contract dangerous disease whatever you touch in your own home!

You will know that you have a rodent in attic when your nights become noisy: rodents in attic make sleeping difficult with their scratching and other noises they make. Rodents are primarily active during night, which will make sleeping difficult, sometimes even impossible.

Damage to installations and insulation

When it comes to attic, situation is even trickier. It is the fact that attic is important part of our home in the construction sense of the word. Just as the base of your home is in the basement, with the foundations and installations, attic is the cover of your home, also with installations but also with insulation. Rodents in the attic prepare the nest to sleep and breed and to do so, they will chew on everything. It is known fact that rodents in the attic will chew on wires; they will chew on insulation of wires and then bite right through every wires, possibly cutting of electricity, phone line, internet line, etc. Open wires can also lead to fires-this actually happens quite often!

Insulation is perfect bedding for rodents; they can gnaw on it and pull it to nest area, exposing roof, minimizing insulation protection (thus creating additional costs when it comes to heating and cooling) and also opening the roof to leaks during heavier rain.

Rodent feces and urine damage

Of course, there is evident problem of smelly attic due to rodent feces and other excrements. Poop and urine smell bad and are also dangerous, because it is a direct carrier of diseases, but it is also causing damage to house wood construction.

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