Are any nuisance wildlife dangerous to humans?

The landscapes populated with animals are often perceived to be cute. Few wildlife species cause potential danger or can even cause serious problems. Usually wildlife causing nuisance in urban areas with human habitat are seen in pets, including foxes, squirrels, deer, coyotes, rats, woodpeckers, pigeons and opossums. In some situation when the number of pests become excessive in a particular area. It is very predictive that the human-induced changes in the environment often results in increased number of the specific species. Humans encourage the pest population for example the piles of scrap building material makes an excellent bed to nest for the rodents. The food for the house pets attracts various wildlife species, and gives and adaptable and suitable habitat for the nuisance wildlife.

During spring and summer opossums, raccoons and other critters invade your attics and the various threats the wildlife possess are:

  • Threats raccoons create: raccoons are the most common type of wildlife found, as they can acclimatize themselves to any kind of habitat. They find themselves very comfortable to live with human communities, as they are not scared by people as most wildlife does. Raccoons in your home can eat everything as these bold animals are omnivorous. They can feed on your fish, crayfish, vegetables and fruits. The poop of these black-masked bandits possesses various serious health issues especially in kids and elderly. Their dexterity inn grasping and enjoying your food is great. If you try to grab them they may bite you as they perceive threat from you.
  • Dangers from Opossums: Adult opossum is somewhat the size of a cat as is light gray to black in appearance. They can find shelter under your wood piles and decks. It eats up all including ripe-fruit, grapes, insects, cockroach, mice and rats too. As wildlife opossum is not dangerous to you or your pets and home, but they do carry rabies and other respiratory diseases from the microorganism produced from their untreated feces in your resident. They also carry lot of fleas which gets transferred to your pets and kids.
  • Iguanas and the damage they create: they damage valuable landscape, shrubs and many other flowers. The droppings of Iguana in swimming pools are a major complaint and can cause contamination of the water in the swimming pool.
  • Coyotes and their threats: these wildlife animal are common both inn rural and residential neighborhoods. Records tell about coyote attack on humans. The danger in this present scenario is the increasing population of residential coyote.

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