Wild Animal Disease

Many disease agents may cause the diseases in animals and they can be transmitted to the humans. These are the diseases that came to be called zoonoses. The people can be exposed to the bacteria, parasites, viruses or fungi that lead to zoonoses in different ways. This is why any person who handles or who works with the animals should be aware of these diseases and to take precaution when needed in order to reduce the risks of infection. The good news is that it is rare to get zoonotic disease and with the zoonotic diseases problem may be preventable by practicing good hygiene.

The diseases caused by the bacteria include the animal bites since the mouth of the animals has a huge number of dangerous bacteria and when they bite, they can put the bacteria deep in the skin and in the underlying tissues and it can lead to the swelling, inflammation and pain.

- Anthrax is acute bacterial disease that someone can suffer when he was in the direct contact with the cattle. It can be direct or indirect.
- Brucellosis is a serious disease and it can be passed especially from feral pigs to human.
- Cat Scratch fever is the clinical syndrome and it is a result of the bite or the scratch of fever and it is the results of the transmission of bacteria.
- Escherichia Coli is found normally in the gut flora of the wild birds, pets, goats, sheep and goats. The animals may live with it without a problem but in the human it can lead to serious problems.
- Leptospirosis is bacteria that it is passed around from the urine droplets and from the urine of the infected animals.
- Listeriosis is the most common associated clinical diseases found in the ruminants and they may include mastitis, septicemia, abortion and encephalitis.
- Giardia is a flagellate protozoan found in intestinal tract of many wild and domestic animals and it may lead to diarrheal disease. The human can be infected when they take contaminated water or food.
- Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic protozoal disease and it affects different animal types. The humans are likely to be affected through the contact of the domestic cat faces.
- Ring worm is used to describe different types of the fungal skin infection in both man and animals. They are known as ringworm because of the red ringed appearance they have around the infection.

Other diseases may be caused by parasites or viruses.

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