What to do if you find a dead dog

The dog is man’s best friend. This is because people say that it was the first animal to be domesticated by man. This is not true. The goat was the first animal that was domesticated by man but the dog was actually the first animal to be closer to man in terms of helping the man in his hunting and gathering activities. Therefore, man considered the dog to be a big helpful addition to his life and because the dog liked the man, it became accustomed and a part of man’s life.

In the modern day, dogs are very helpful. The dog is believed to be one of the most intelligent animals. This is because of its senses and flexibility. The dogs have now been added into the police force and they help in a number of activities. There are sniffer dogs in ports and airports to sniff out illegal substances off luggage. Some dogs have also been trained to rescue lives. Some dogs have actually been trained to swim. Therefore dogs remain loyal to man and man continues to explore the dog’s intelligence and puts it into use.

It is always a sad occasion when a dog dies. You might find a dead dog anywhere. It is prudent that you take the right actions when you find a dead dog. People are usually confused on what the right actions are because the dog is already dead. No. A dead dog is still important.

Here is what to do once you find a dead dog:

  1. Check if the dog has a collar with the number or address of the owner. The owner might not know that his/her dog is dead unless they are contacted. The dog might have been missing for a long period of time. Informing the owner is very important because if the owner had doubts over where his/her dog went, he/she gets closure.
  2. Do not touch a dead dog. Dogs that have died are very prone to infection. Dog diseases have been proven to be very lethal to man. Touching it with your bare hands might be risking your health. It might have been lying there for a long period of time and the infection might have been intense.
  3. Call in animal care and handling services and they will know what to do with the dead dog. These people also provide advice on what are the best methods to put into practice once you find a dead dog.

The dog is a very important animal in our lives nowadays and once you find one dead in r around your property, find out what killed it and inform the right people.

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