How to get rid of a Dead animal in the Air Conditioning Ducts

There have been very many cases of animas taking their last breath while still in air-conditioning ducts. These cases are mainly in urban areas where most buildings have an air conditioning system. A dead animal in the air conditioning system can pose a lot of trouble for the people in a building and it should be removed as soon as it is discovered. What steps should you follow to get rid of this dead animal’s corpse?

Turn off air conditioning

Air conditioners can be very dangerous when there is a dead animal in the ducts. The animals may harbor bacteria or viruses that are airborne and the moving air in the air conditioning vents can quickly transmit the vermin to other areas of the building where they pose a threat to human and pet health. In addition, the moving air may also carry the odor from the dead animal and thus filling the house with a nasty odor. You should ensure that air conditioning is stopped completely before trying to get rid of the animal.

Remove the section of pipes

Air conditioning pipes are joined in joints that can be opened and closed at the convenience of maintenance and repair services. You should mark the section of the vents that have the dead animal and then open the joints slowly. Take the pipes outside, take out the dead animal and then clean and disinfect the pipes. If there was massive rotting of the carcass, then you should consider replacing the pipes with new ones.

Use a long stick or wire

This is very effective for people living in places with fixed ventilation pipes. If there are some sections of the air ducts that have been reinforced below a layer of concrete and this means that you cannot take them out without breaking the concrete. If removing the pipes is not an option, you should consider cleaning the pipes while they are still in place. Just use a long pole or a strong wire to remove the dead animal. However cleaning and disinfecting the pipes may be a tricky thing when the pipes are too long. However, if the pipes are near a joint, clean normally with some detergent and some disinfectant.

Running water

If there are multiple carcasses, then you have to clean the pipes thoroughly with a lot of water and some detergent. Just run some water through the pipes until you are sure that they are clean. Disinfecting the pipes is also an important task as stirring the corpses may have left behind some pieces of the corpse.

Professional Help

Cleaning air pipes can be cumbersome undertaking. As such, you should consider seeking professional help. Professional animal removal services will do the task thoroughly and more effectively.

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