How to remove rodents using one-way exclusion funnels

How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove rodents without trapping them? This is important question that has practical implications. But on the other hand, it seems insane as well. It is so because it is not possible to remove rodents without trapping them. Various methods are used for this purpose. Glue traps are traps that involve sticky adhesive (a glue) on a flat surface that will trap smaller rodent and keep it in place until it dies, or until someone comes and kills it. In many of states, glue traps are forbidden because they are considered as inhumane traps that torture animals and cause unnecessary stress and pain. In other states, glue traps can be used only by licensed and properly authorized pest control managers, and only in specific areas, such as food manufacturing locations. This doesn't include supermarkets, restaurants or fast foods, so it is illegal to use glue traps in such premises. Electronic snap traps are new idea that is made for mouse and rat catching.

The rodents in the house are chewer and they may chew on anything they find including the electrical wire which may lead to the fire risk. The rodents living in your attic should be of concern since they can gnaw at different and even more serious problem takes place when you have nesting babies. They may build the nests near the opening like loose or unscreened vent or in the rotten trim board.

You have also to check the entire house since the rodents may enter into the house using small entries and they may reach the attic afterwards. This may be time consuming but it is necessary to avoid all the future infestation. Use expanding form to fill the holes and the cracks. There are two types of the foam sealant, the polyurethane and the latex based. Check the attic for droppings and use trap where you see the droppings and place bait at the traps and set them carefully. Remove and dispose the rodent you catch.

There are traps that electrocute trapped animal. Electrical shock will kill animal quickly (which is actually humane solution), which makes this new invention an economical, easy to use and efficient solution. It is not inhumane to trap them in traps. However to kill them is really inhumane after trapping. We can adopt different ways to get them out of the house or four walls without have them trapped.

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