How to keep away feral hogs

In getting rid of feral hogs, most people will prefer to hunt and kill the animals, and usually with a gun but there are countries where such types of control are disallowed. Some people often use hog repellents but such control measures are temporary and the feral hogs normally find their ways back. Feral hogs are known to carry certain diseases, including the Mouth and Mouth disease, along other diseases such as Melloidosis and Brucellosis.

Due to the possibilities of hogs spreading diseases rapidly, there are efforts put in place to control their population. If you have had any incidence of a Feral pig close to your home, then you should be aware of their destructive nature. Aside the fact that they can spread certain diseases, such animals can damage fragile barriers to the yard, and eat certain crops in your garden. You need to know that feral pigs are pigs that have escaped from captivity, and they become feral by becoming more aggressive. Trapping of feral pigs can be hard because of their sizes, while some can be small and can be effectively trapped; others are too large for traps.

The first thing you should do to keep feral hogs away is to avoid leaving any food outside, because food is the primary attraction of feral hogs to private properties. If you always do Barbecue in your backyard, then you must make sure you clean the place as left-over meats can attract feral pigs. If you are fond of feeding your pets outside, you must lookout for pieces of food that has fallen out of their bowls. One mechanical device that has been found to be effective in keeping away feral hogs is the motion detector that can be attached to a sprinkler system; however you must not try to confront feral pigs due to their aggressive nature.

Some of the lethal traps that have been found to be helpful in controlling feral hogs are; Neck snares and Pen traps. Neck snares are usually set close to a food and the snare is covered to ensure that the animal does not suspect anything. When a neck snare is used, the animal must be reported to the appropriate authorities for evacuation as most countries have outlawed the killing of feral hogs. Some people have used hunting dogs to chase feral hogs from their properties, but such control measure is only temporary as the animal will always find its way back.

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