How to remove and replace insulation in an attic

The attic insulation may be damaged by the infestations of the rodents or of water from a leaky roof and it requires the removal in order to avoid more contamination within the home. When the insulation is wet, it may mold and it is going to spread to other areas of the home. The insulation that has been infested by rodents will attract even more rodents and it is unsafe and unhealthy. When the urine or droppings of the rodents has contaminated the insulation, you should remove it so that you can replace it. In order to keep the home and other rooms safe, you should use the measures of protecting them by removing contaminated insulation.

The air conditioning, ventilation and heating experts, they say that the insulation is the best way of defense in keeping the warm air inside while keeping the cold air outside of the home. Before you start any project of removing the insulation in your attic, you have to be sure first if the insulation does not have asbestos. The homes that have been built since 1930 until 1950, they may have the asbestos in their insulation. To know if you are safe you should test the insulation first. The blown-in insulation is found in two types, the cellulose and the fiberglass. Cellulose insulation uses recycled newspaper and the fiberglass blown-in use white cotton balls. The two has to be kept in a large bag to be disposed. To remove blanket and batt insulation, you should wear goggles, dust mask, gloves and long sleeved shirts. Get the blanket and the batt away from the floor cavity and wall. Use the utility knife to get rid of the batt. The insulation should be disposed in the heavy duty trash bag.

Use the traps and the plastic sheets in order to protect the place of the home where you do not wish to expose to the fibers from the insulation. Close off the doorways or use the plastic sheets that are taped on the openings of rooms. If the attic was infested by the rodents, you should contact a professional to help you with the insulation removal since you can be contaminated from urine, dropping or dead rodents. If the insulation has been removed completely, you should clean the entire area before you can add the new insulation. It is always advised to hire the insulation professional to help you with the insulation but you should be aware of what to look for in the professional before you can hire one.

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