What problems do monkeys cause for people?

Monkeys are primates and they are known to have a close relationship to humans; in spite of this close relationship, they usually cause a lot of havoc. In most regions, monkeys are considered as the second family to humans n that they are taught how to coexist with other humans but the bottom line is that they are still animals and they will cause certain problems.

Problems caused by monkeys

Monkeys can easily access your home and feed on your birds if they realize that you have plenty of them; therefore, it is always wise to ensure that your birds have a secure home and that they are well guarded during the day.

Monkeys will always enter homes and eat your garden produce like fruits and vegetables, they will also enter your house and feed on any leftovers or food on the table, counters among other areas. It is therefore important to store your food properly if your home sis an attraction site to these animals. You can also shield garden produce busing repellents or other products that will scare away these animals.

If at any point the house is left unattended, monkeys will access your house and cause more havoc in the house for instance, tearing clothes, jumping up and down, braking utensils and so forth. It is therefore important to ensure that all the doors and windows are locked; meshing the windows is also significant because it will prevent these animals from accessing your house during the day when the windows are open.

Monkeys are very intelligent; therefore they have the ability of identifying children and adults. Monkeys can harass children especially if they are left alone. It is important to ensure that you come up with techniques that will scare them away.

How can you comfortably deal with these animals?

  • Squirting them using a hose pipe is very effective because monkeys hate being hosed, they will automatically run away
  • You can also use a squirt bottle or a water pistol to scare them away whenever they approach your home
  • Shooing the monkeys is also effective because they have a certain sense of understanding
  • If you point towards them any scaring tool they will automatically run away and never show up again
  • You can also use a strand of electric wire fencing around your home because it scares them away
  • Insect proof screens and dogs are also perfect deterrents which will always prevent monkeys from approaching your home.

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