Common causes of bad odors inside a house

Have you ever walked into a house and felt a smell that was so displeasing that you wanted to get out in the next second? You actually got out the next second because the smell can be so intense until it is unbearable. Well, bad odour is common in our everyday lives. Especially in houses where there are a lot of residents. There are some people who actually care about the smell of their houses while others don’t. It all depends on how comfortable a person is in his or her own surrounding.

There are several causes of bad odour inside a house and they are explained below.

  • Dead animal. This is one of the most common reasons why there is bad odour in some houses. Animals die and decompose in chimneys, drains, ceilings, attics, inside walls and also under our beds and kitchen furniture. The smell is not always pleasing. In fact it is never pleasing to feel the smell of a decomposing animal in your house. The decomposition attracts swarms and flies that circle around the organisms that are dead in your house.
  • Leaking or open sewers. They usually smell like rotten eggs. The smell is so intense and it moves fast to occupy your house too. Sewers might sometimes be open because the pipes burst or that they are full and overflowing.
  • Pets. Some people keep pets just for the sake of keeping pets. Pets need to be cared for properly. By caring for I mean even washing them clean. Pets sometimes visit areas in the neighbourhood and smear themselves with very smelly material. If that material stays on the pet’s fur for a long period of time, the pet starts smelling too. Take a scenario where you have multiple numbers of pets that do not get washed at least twice in a week. They would have to be smelly. Wash your pets regularly.
  • Chemicals stored after use. Paint, turpentine and other chemical substances used on either furniture or on walls have an impact when it comes to the odour of te house. If not stored in a place where the smell cannot be contained, then the smell spreads throughout the house.
  • Smoke. People like smoking in their houses. From marijuana to tobacco, people do not usually do this outside. The smoke they blow of circulates around the house thereby causing bad odour.
  • Pet urine is also another major cause of bad odour in houses. Some pets are not trained to go pee or have a long call outside. They do it in the house. The smell of their waste is bad thereby leading to bad odour in the house.

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