How to get a job as a nuisance wildlife control operator

To get a job as a Wildlife control operator the first and foremost specification is to obtain a certification to operate as Nuisance Wildlife Control operator (NWCO). This certification obtained from the department to assist landowners to prevent or control problems due to wildlife enables you or authorizes a person to capture or relocate specified species of wildlife by safe and effective means at any time of the year and without limits. The applicants for the job as a nuisance wildlife control operator need to be adorned with some permits requirements as follows.

  • The person should have successfully completed the National Wildlife Control training Program and also the certification exam for the eligibility to operate as a NWCO.
  • Anyone who is out for a hunting and trapping license privileges, get usually revoked and is not legally able to purchase a trapping license.
  • The person should always carry the NWCO permit and a complaint report form to be carried while conducting the NWCO activities.
  • The candidate applying for the job must always renew the NWCO permit annually, and should always carry the prior years End report summary along with an affidavit of lawful presence.

The touchstones to get into this job are:

  • The applicants to qualify for certification must be at least eighteen years of age
  • The person should be certified by the department and are also expected to be sufficed with proper equipment, knowledge and ability to control wildlife species causing property damage or you can say nuisance.
  • Once a person is granted the certification, he or she must apply to obtain the permit or the license to harass, kill or release animals causing damage.

The following footnotes will throw some light and will be beneficial for you to obtain the certification and simultaneously to bag a job as a Nuisance Wildlife control operator.

  • First thing which hunts your mind is where to get the certification done? The training can be requested through email or by calling the registered office in your area. Then your name will be enrolled in the list for requested training. Depending on your preference you will be assigned the location, date and number of classes required. You will be charged $50 for one time certification course.
  • The applicants enrolled for the certification must precisely complete the agency’s trapper education course found on your student education portal page. You should download the course material immediately after enrolling for the course and can also schedule a test in the regional office.
  • Though the passing score varies depending upon the education system, but conventional passing score remains 90 percentile.
  • Even you can place a request in your department showing your interest to become a nuisance wildlife control operator. Depending on your request and marks they might consider your position.
  • The certification you obtained is good for three years from the date of issuance.

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