What are the most common types of animals that will eat your pet?

What are the most common types of animals that eat your pet's food? Animals have an uninhibited need to survive. This means they don’t differentiate like humans as to what they are eating or who it belongs to. If it belongs to Fido or Mr. Jingles, an animal will not discriminate. So if you’ve been leaving your pets food out on your back deck and realize in the morning its gone these might be one of the culprits. Raccoons are drawn in by many things. They are predatory in nature but if they can succeed in attaining an easy meal they will do so. Otherwise they will scavenge in your back yard or even harm a domesticated animal mistaking it as a meal.

Raccoons are drawn in my scents mainly so if your garbage is open it will oft be invited. If there is free food for them out in your yard they will run off with it. Raccoons don’t have saliva glands and must have a fresh source of water to feed on dried food so the water/food combo you present your pet will be ideal for a coon. Best way to be rid of these predators is to keep your garbage sealed and your pet indoors. Foxes are adorable animals, but not so if cornered or scared. They like the raccoon can be fierce predators as well however are more reclusive toward people.

The fox, like the raccoon will definitely take advantage of food you have lying around. Whether its fruit from your garden, leftovers from your trash can or even a domesticated pet the fox wills to survive and therefore will take anything. Your pet’s food makes his job easier. Keeping foxes away is easiest if you have nothing around they are interested in. keep your garbage sealed, your pets indoors and don’t leave any source of food outdoors for them to indulge. Another prevalent animal is actually in the cat family, but will never make it amongst the household pets we indulge. The skunk is highly adaptable however it is also highly opportunistic.

It’s generally a gentle creature with a nose for, what else? , food! With its potent sense of smell it can scent out grub underground. The opportunity of free food sitting on your porch might be too much in the middle of the night for a hungry skunk and it will be more than willing to eat up whatever is there. Finally if your pet’s food is missing opossums may be the candidate of your neighborhood thieving. Known for being the only marsupials in the U.S. raccoons and opossums are all about eating cat food that is left outside for pets. Fortunately unlike Skunks, foxes, raccoons and opossums won’t tip over your garbage cans or dig up the yard.

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