How rodents communicate using pheromones

Pheromones are hormones, chemicals that are released from different part of rodent's body that provide information about this rodent to other members of his species that come in contact with it. Pheromones are in this way social element that will provide all rodents of the same species info about food, breeding time, alert, stress, health, etc. They use them to communicate with each other and to discover all the info they need about other members of their species in their neighborhood.

The Releaser Pheromone Communication

Releaser pheromones are used to indicate other members of the species that they are in a territory of that animal and they should stay away. This information is provided through urine so other rodents can scent it and stay away. Urine is sprayed to border the lines of rodent's territory so that other rodents need that this particular territory has already been "taken".

Primer Pheromone Communication

This type of pheromone communication is the one used during the fertility period. These pheromones are usually released by female rodents to indicate males that they are ready to breed, which will attract attention of male rodents and provoke them to try to engage in sexual activities with these females. As soon as males scent female sexual pheromones they will start releasing their own sexual pheromones, which in some cases can even promote female maturity process in females that are still not ready for reproduction.

Information Pheromone Communication

These pheromones are used to provide information about released of the chemical. Rodents use this pheromone to deliver certain information about themselves, such as health condition. Sick rodents are avoided to prevent sickness among other members of the group.

With the above named information, it is evident that pheromones are important for communication between members of same rodent species. It is like human communication which will tell rodents important information about other members of their species in their vicinity. One can even go ahead and say that pheromones are crucial for the survival and advancement of the species in the certain region. Thanks to recognition of signs given by pheromones members of species will know when good time to breed is-and with which members of species. They will know where territory of certain alpha member of species is and will not go over "the border" unless they are looking for a battle over territory. Basically, pheromones are key for successful communication and exchange of information between rodents.

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