Do wild animals chew on water pipes?

Animals especially rodents will always chew through water pipes especially if they are made of plastic. They chew through water pipes to prevent their teeth from over growing.


Rodents chewing through water pipes can cause damages that are either substantial whose occurrence is o time or instant damages. There are instances where, water will continuously seep through walls which may result into buildup of very poisonous toxic material.

Water seeping in spaces within the wall can also lead to rotting of the wooden beams which in turn weakens the house. In other words, the damage caused by water leakage can accumulate over time which can be very costly to repair.

When rodents chew through water pipes that are already worn out or weak, the damage can result into bursting which may lead into large water loses, flooding in the house and damage of other property.

How can you stop animals from chewing through water pipes?

There are certain preventative measures that you can help keep animals from chewing through the water pipes like:

Provision of water sources
Whenever you suspect that are animals like rodents living in your house, you have to ensure that you provide them with a water source that can be accessed easily. Providing these animals with temporary sources of water before extermination is important because it will prevent them from chewing through pipes to get into water.

Sealing their entry ways
Animals like rodents will always get into the house through the smallest holes; therefore you have to ensure that you seal up all access points into the house. Make sure that you carry put a thorough inspection inside and outside your building. It is also important to ensure that crawling spaces are fully closed.

Using traps
Water pipe damage can also be prevented using rodent traps; rodent traps are easy to set and they completely get rid of the animals without finding their way towards the water pipes.

How can you deal with water damage from animals?

It is always important to ensure that you quickly address problems that result from rodents chewing through water pipes. You can easily address the problem with the help of experts who will guide you through the required steps.

You have to keep in mind that rodents will always chew through water pipes which is very risky.

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