Do all wild animals have rabies?

Rabies is actually one of the viral diseases, which is known for causing acute inflammation of brain more specifically in humans. Some of the early symptoms that are associated with this condition include fever as well as tingling at exposure site. After this new symptoms are presented which are being mentioned below

  • Violent movements
  • Excitement that is uncontrolled
  • Fear from water
  • Inability of moving body parts
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Confusion

In majority of the cases death is the end result so it is best to avoid the condition because it is always associated with fatal outcomes. The time period which is present between contracting this disease and death is 3 months but you cannot exclude variations. Time is also dependent upon distance which is covered by virus to reach the central nervous system of patient. Rabies is known for causing thousands of deaths per year and it is generally transmitted by the bite of wild animals.

From the above mentioned points it is evident that majority will be asking do all wild animals have rabies. The right and most appropriate answer for this question is that any mammal can carry this disease, but important aspect to mention here is that few animals appear as vectors for rabies. In the region of North America bats are responsible for the transmission of this condition and in remaining parts of the world dogs are regarded as the main culprits. Transmission to humans can be termed as something which is extremely rare. In case you notice raccoon active during daytime and it reflects abnormal movements, then signs show that it’s healthy. On the other hand if you witness that animal is sick and is walking in circular motion, then it can have rabies.

The same can be said for fox and other animals that are related. You should keep in mind one point that rabies is actually a very bad disease which has severe complications. You need to be extremely careful while dealing with it. In case you don’t have enough information on this topic, then use different sources for this. Don’t waste your time on useless aspects and focus upon getting valid information. From time to time it is best that you should get in touch with wild life control experts. More specifically if you notice an animal with such a condition, then it is best to become alert and avoid the animal.

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