Scratching sounds in Attic or walls

Hearing the scratching sounds in the walls or attic may be the results of the animals in your home. You may be hearing strange sounds or noises that may be coming from the hidden places in the home and this may be telling you that there are unvented guest in your home.

Scratching sounds from bats: sometime the bats may be stuck in walls when they find an entry in your home. When they try to be unstuck, they may make the scratching or scurrying noises that can be heard within the wall. Since they are nocturnal animals, the bat scratching may take place most of the time during the night.

Rodent sound: the mice and rats are known to make scratchy noise in the walls or ceiling when they scurry to get the foods. They may also make them harvesting the acorns, nuts and seeds that they had stored in the walls. This scratching most of the time take place during the night.

Trapped birds: The birds may enter in a place trying to look for the place where they may put a nest and they may get stuck in the attic or in the walls. When the birds have been trapped, they may make clawing or chipping sounds when they try to be unstuck. This noise can be heard in morning hours.

Raccoon noise: the raccoons have become notorious about living in the attic insulation. They are normally nocturnal animals and it is possible that they can be heard while running back or forth in your attic during the night or scratching ceiling boards.

Squirrels sound: the squirrels are normally found within the trees and they can gain the entrance in a home. They can live comfortably in an attic. They are active animals that may make the scratching, scurrying and jumping noises in day time especially when they exit or enter in the attic. Gray and Red squirrels can be heard mostly during the day time but the flying squirrels stay up during the night since they like to forage at night. They like to live in the groups and this means that they can make ruckus in the area where you are.

Chipmunk: they normally enter into the house at the low level or below the foundation level. They are active in the day and they can enter in the wall or gutters to hide the food. They do make loud and scratching sounds when they climb the walls and the gutter trying to get back their foods. They may also make the chirping sound.

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