What are the risks of animals chewing on electric wires?

Animals especially rodents will always chew through electric wires to prevent their teeth from over growing. Chewing through electric wire is very risky and posses a lot of danger not only to the animals but also to the surrounding.

Risks of animals chewing on electric wires

Short circuits
Animals chewing through electric wires can cause all manner of damages for instance power outages and frequent short circuits. When the inner insulation and the outer cable sheath are gnawed, the wires are usually held apart. If the naked wires are exposed to conductors like water or urine from the rodents, a conductive path will automatically develop between the wires which in turn cause a short circuit.

Chewed electric wires can easily cause sparks that are very dangerous especially when they fall onto certain surfaces which may result into fire outbreaks.

Loss of power
There are certain instances where animals will chew through wires in order to make its way from one location to another. This can be very risky because they completely ruin the electric wires causing major power losses.

Fire outbreaks
Fires also start as a result of completely chewed electric wires; when animals chew through electric wires, they disrupt contact along the circuits’ path which may in turn result into fire outbreaks.

Electrocution and death
Animals chewing through electric wires can also be extensive in that they may cause shock or instant death to the animals.

How to prevent animals from gnawing through electric wires

Sealing off all openings
It is important to ensure that all openings in the building are completely sealed off. Sealing off small openings will prevent the animals from getting to electrical wires. It is also important to ensure that a thorough inspection is carried out around the house to prevent the animals from accessing the house.

Using traps
Setting up animal traps is also significant because it helps get rid of rodents and other animals that are likely to chew through electric wires. Set the traps in areas that are susceptible to these animals.

Ensuring that the electric wires are fully cabled
Fully cabled wires makes it impossible for animals to chew through wires which in turn prevents certain risks from taking place like fire outbreaks, power shortages, short circuits and sparks.

Using repellents
Repellents like moth balls, ammonia and predators’ urine can also be used to prevent animals from gnawing and chewing electric wires.

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