How to get bats out of an attic

Bats are one of the most widely spread mammals in the world, and taking that into consideration, it is only a matter of time when your attic might become their chosen habitat. In order to effectively deal with this matter, there are several options that one might consider when going about bat removal from the attic.

The instinctive reaction and first idea of most people would be to poison the bats, effectively killing them in one way or another and thereby getting rid of the problem, but not only is this sort of thing dangerous, but it is also illegal, and one could get in trouble with authorities. Instead of this, the preferred solution should be to use a non-violent method of excluding the bats from the premises, namely with the use of an exclusion tunnel.

This should be performed by personnel trained in wildlife removal in order to provide maximum efficiency. However, in case that is not an option, there are several steps which you need to take to perform this task on your own.

First and foremost, the preparation of the location is just as important as the following actions which are taken towards the removal of the bats. Therefore, make sure to inspect and locate all the possible entrance holes which bats use to get inside of your attic. When you’ve successfully identified all of the entrances, the next step is to use a solid material to properly close those holes, sealing them off and rendering them useless for the bats. What follows is the preparation of an exclusion funnel, a simple contraption with a purpose to let the bats leave your attic but not let them come back once they are outside. The funnel should be placed in an easy to reach place in your attic so that it can allow them to easily get out once other holes have been sealed off. After everything is in place, leave it for at least 10 days to make sure that all the bats have left your attic; they have to go out every night to feed so this time period should be ideal for setting up the funnel, in addition, it will exclude a great number of them straight away.

Finally, after you’ve made sure that there are no remaining bats in your attic, you can commence the cleaning process, removing any feces and other traces of bats, in addition, make sure once again that there are no hidden holes which could be used by bats or any other animal for that matter. This is the best method of removal as it doesn’t involve any dangerous poisons or violently killing the creatures, they are simply left to find another home, and you get yours back.

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