How do I clean bat feces in my attic?

The cleanup of bat feces should only begin once the entry points of the bat has been sealed off. Piles of bat droppings may reach up to 8 inches in height, especially when the bats have created a colony. There are five steps to follow in cleaning out bat feces out of your attic, these are;

You need to conduct an inspection to find where the bat is entering your home. You need to find out what species the bat is, and the number of damages it has caused. Usually bats fly out at dusk and return at dawn, thus the best time to inspect is when they fly out. Bats can roost in the Attics by crawling through the walls, and through the gaps in-between boards and through wood beams. In order to perform bat exclusion effectively, you need to understand the specie of bat you are dealing with, alongside its size and behaviors.

There may be several entry holes and gaps through which bats enter a house, and such holes and gaps are usually as tiny as half an inch. You need to funnel the bats out through a primary exit route, and this will ensure that the bat do not find alternative entry back in after you have sealed other entry points and the final exit route.

Clean up
Cleaning up is important before exclusion. Sometimes bats may leave few feces and urine, and in some cases, they may leave feces and urine strong enough to corrode attic floors, woods, and the droppings may grow moldy and such can cause health hazards to your household. Bats will normally leave some odor, hence you must ensure that all areas contaminated are cleaned. Make sure you spray the area first with misty water to moisten the feces and ensure that they can be removed easily without you inhaling the spores. Make sure you wear a disposable clothing and a mask to protect yourself. Make sure you wear gloves before cleaning commences. Vacuuming should also be done to remove the droppings and thereafter you can apply an enzyme cleaner in place of chemical agents.

Installing one-way exclusion device is one of the best possible way to keep bats away from your home after cleaning the feces out of your attic. The exclusion device could be a netting, funnels, cones or screening. Depending on the architecture of your attic, the exclusion device can be installed in diverse ways. You can contact a professional to help you install one.

Final seal up
Once you are 100% sure that the bats are out, then you can perform a final seal up. Remember that bats can chew and claw their way back to your home, thus you must use plastic , metal screening or caulk or thick polyurethane to seal the attic up.

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