Will the city or county animal services help me with a bat issue?

In such unfortunate case that you are terrified of bats, but you are experiencing an invasion of one bat or an entire colony, it is possible you will wish for someone specialized in this kind of issues to deal with the situation. The first thing you would ask yourself would be- if you should call either county or city animal services to help you.

The correct answer to this question would be, that neither county nor city animal services deal with bat roosting problems.

The reason for this is that bats don’t pose a direct threat to humans. They are not aggressive and will never attack a person. The only way you could get bitten by a bat is if you would grab it with your bare hands.

However, if you are stuck with a colony of bats, this answer will not make you feel better. The truth is that bats are a big sanitary threat. Bat’s feces, or so-called “guano” is dangerous to inhale, as you might inhale spores of fungus it contains.

Bats can also carry rabies, only one percent of them, truth to be told, but the risk is still present. However, getting rid of bats is extremely easy, which is one more reason animal services don’t take upon themselves to solve this issue.

The easiest way to get rid of bats is, plain and simple, to seal all gaps and entries to your home but one, and place a netting outside that gap. Why will this method most definitely work?

First of all, bets fly out at dusk to hunt. This means that the colony will move, and since you’ve left only one exit for them, they will use that one.

If you have placed the netting outside that gap and let it cover it completely and falling on the sides of the gap, this means that bats will be able to crawl underneath the netting to get out- but they won’t be able to lift the edges of the netting to get back in. there lays your solution.

The only trick with this method is, you need to be patient and wait for a few days, carefully inspecting your home for any remained bats, to makes sure all of them are gone, before you seal that final gap.

In conclusion, if bats terrify you and you were hoping to have someone else get rid of them for you- the only solution is to either do it by yourself or hire bat removal services. Now, it is up to you to decide would you be brave enough to face your fear on your own, or would you rather pay for expert help.

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