What property modifications will keep down bat populations?

Some of the most effective ways of keeping bats away from your house is to make it impossible for them to get in from the start. You will do this by applying few simple tips to make your house less appealing to bats. You will also need to do some work on fixing your house, so that you don’t leave any cracks for bats to fly in.

If you are looking to repel bats from inhabiting your home by modifying your property, there are few facts about bats you need to know first. Bats are nocturnal animals, which means that they, basically, live in the dark. This means that they would be attracted to dark places. Opposite to that, they will avoid areas that are well lightened (take a hint).

Second, as all animals, so do bat, like places with easily accessible food. This means that trash you may be keeping in your property or smell of food coming from it could attract bats. Bats also like to eat, and if they can do it with less “fuss” than flying out of their shelter and hunting by themselves, they sure will grab the opportunity to grab some easy snacks. Bats are also always looking for a safe shelter, as they are, in fact, quite woundable animals. Even though they seem scary to most people, bats can easily get hurt. For this reason, they choose quiet and dark places to hide.

Now that we’ve addressed the nature of bat’s behavior, let’s draw some lessons on modifying your home to keep the bats out. First things first, you will need to fill in any holes and gaps in your fences, windowsills, roof tiles, doors, walls…pretty much anywhere you can look. By doing this, you are making it impossible for bats to crawl into your home.

Second, you will need to sanitize your home. Remove all the garbage, empty your garbage cans, and keep food away from any surfaces- it belongs in the fridge. If you have a large pantry or a shed where you contain supplies of food, store it so that it doesn’t emit any scent. Last, but not the least, keep dark areas of your home well lightened. As bats are looking for a safe ad dark shelter, this will make your attics and basements less appealing to them.

Now that you know the ways to prevent bats from invading your home, first make sure that there hasn’t been any of them still living in there. Carefully inspect attics, basements and other dark and hidden corners of your home to make sure no bats are left behind, as they can become a source of dangerous disease and pose a threat to your health, as well as health of your family.

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