Will a pest control company remove a bat from my house?

Bat infestation might seem overwhelming to those without enough knowledge on bat removal. In case of bats, opposite to other pest infestation, removing them on your own, is, in fact, the smartest thing you can do. However, to some, this might not be a good option for few reasons. First of all, in order to properly remove all the bats, you will need to inspect your house and make sure you’ve discovered all the places bats are nesting in.

Other than plain fear, there are many genuine reasons for a person to want to hire an expert company to perform the bat removal work for them. But, the question is- how do these companies work, and is their work effective? Remember, a detailed approach is needed to remove bats effectively: days of research and observation, because your home didn’t become a home to bats for no reason. There is always few factors that make a house appealing to bats (proximity to their natural habitat, available food, shelter etc.) and only you can make sure to remove these factors.

If you hire a pest control company, they will, most likely, try to remove bats with poison. Such cruelty is, not only uncalled for, as bats are neither aggressive, nor more than 1% of them carry disease, but it is also ineffective. If your home became appealing to bats once, they will most likely continue to try to enter it over and over again. That is if you don’t take matters into your own hands.

Pest control companies will, most certainly, approach bat removal well equipped and with the method already planned out. Not to mention the experience they have! They will engage in inspecting your house, sealing the gaps and performing the removal as per usual, or they will opt-in to use poison. They will also sanitize contaminated area and remove the guano (dangerous bat feces). However, a short visit a company can make to try and exterminate bats from your home might not be effective, as it requires detailed approach. Also, having poison applied in your home is never a good idea. Details about how it kills bats are too gruesome to speak of, and it could also endanger other animals or even your family members.

The straightforward response to dilemma “to hire pest control company or not?” would be: yes, if you have a legitimate reason. If you have a health condition, you need to claim insurance for damage bats caused or the very structure of your house makes it difficult for you than hiring expert help would be the best. If that’s not the case, then consider yourself the best person to do the job!

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