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Should I ever poison a bat?

There are no poisons and fumigants specifically designed to eliminate bat, and the fact remains that you may end up worsening the problem if you attempt to poison a bat inside of your home. Repellants, traps will not work for bats in your attic, likewise there are no registered traps recommended. Aside creating health hazards, poisoning a bat could be illegal in certain countries. When you poison a bat, it may die within the walls or holes inside your house, this may trigger an offensive odour that can pose some epidemic conditions against your household, and the environment.

Secondly, you must never poison bats because not all the bats will die from the Fumigant or poison, most bats may crawl down the wall and escape through cracks or holes in the house, while the rest will die of the poison and stink. Bats that survive poisons will always find their way back into your home, and cause more havoc. Another reason why you should not attempt to poison bats is that, unlike other larger mammals, bats are not easily tempted by baits. Baby bats may be easily poisoned, however, since they cannot fly, they remain hidden under your attic, walls and roof and die there, and causing some stinks that can cause sickness to your households.

Getting rid of bats without attempting to poison them: If a bat is right inside your home, it will be ideal to get your family and pets into a room, simply close the door of the room where the bat is located and open all the windows widely. This will ensure that the escapes on its own without you trapping or injuring it. This could be the easiest way to get rid of bats from homes.

If a bat does not get out of your home by itself, then then you need to assist the animal to get out. You will need a pair of gloves and a fishing net for this purpose (these will not injure the bat when trying to capture it). Make sure you don’t attempt to catch the bat while it is flying. Bats are delicate creatures and may bite you if you try to capture it while flying, thus it is better to allow it rest. Inspection of the bat nest should be the first step towards the removal of the animals from your home- the professional handler will inspect whether there are baby bats among them because they are more difficult to remove. Once the bats have been removed, the professional handler will ensure that all access points to the attic are sealed off to prevent future infestation of the animals. You can get rid of a single bat from your home but never attempt to get rid of a colony of bat inside your home except you contact a professional. Go back to the How to get rid of bats home page.

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