Best way to keep bats out of a barn

Bats we simply don’t want them in our barns as they are annoying creatures who have a creepy appeal attach to them. Homeowners who are facing the issues related with the presence of bats adopt different remedies, but find only few of these effective. However, to be honest the only permanent method which is considered as effective for getting rid of bats is to use procedures related with bat proofing. There are no registered chemicals in majority of areas also if you will make the choice of using pesticides, then this is going to enhance your chances that children and pets will get exposed to them bringing harm and damage which you simply can’t afford to have. Bats normally are found in darker areas such as attics, cervices in chimneys, opening in vents etc. Your objective in all cases should be to seal all the points of entry and for this you should be careful to take the right steps otherwise there will be more problems to face, which is never a good idea.

  • Sometimes evidence related with the presence of bats inside buildings comes from accumulation of the droppings in different regions. In case you are getting these kinds of signs, then confirm about their presence first before taking any step.
  • Selection of the right time is very much important as bats normally raise their young ones from May to September hunting during night time. If you will select this particular time period then there will be high risks that you will trap the young bats inside.
  • After identifying the entry points of bats you should attach one way door to each one of them so that bats can leave the barn, but shouldn’t be able to reenter. In this regard on smoother walls you can attach the screening material towards the exterior. For holes that are round you can insert length of PVC pipes.
  • Now important point that should be considered is that you will have to leave the one way doors in their place for several days for ensuring that all the bats get out after you are sure that all bats have gone seal all access points.
  • You should take all the steps, which have been mentioned above but keep in mind that sometimes bat proofing also doesn’t works. In these conditions you can apply another alternate and thing about providing another attractive roosting location to bats which should be present outside your barn. For this you will need the assistance of experts so get in touch with them. In case you don’t have enough experience or are not confident that you can deal with this task, then take help from the animal control.

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