What kind of damage do bats cause in an attic?

In small numbers, bats are not much of an issue. It is when the group grows in size, that actual problems begin to occur, and you usually have to do with Guano, bat feces, piling up. A major difficulty with having bats in your home is the strong smell that comes from the bat guano.

When a colony of bats inhabits your home, there is at least 30 or 40 bats leaving feces on a daily basis. But even in case you only have a small group, it is best to deal with them as quickly as possible. As the piles of guano accumulated can begin to penetrate into your home and spread unpleasant smell. The very smell of guano is bad enough, but guano also poses a threat to your own health, which can be fatal.

Bat guano carries the fungus called Histoplasma Capsulotomy. The spores of this fungus are not visible and float in the air, and can easily contaminate living areas of your house. If inhaled, these spores can cause an illness called histoplasmosis, which is a kind of infection of the lungs.

Bats can live for a very long time, and they often live at the same place basically always (thousands of years, as it has been scientifically proven). The colony gets bigger every year, as the female bats have babies every summer, and the babies remain in the colony. After a period of years, you could have thousands of bats, and that's where your problems begin.

Another serious risk bats carry, even though rare, is the possibility that a bat rabies can transmit to a human by a bite. Some bats actually might carry rabies, but it is not visible to simply tell by only observing the animal.

Rabies virus, that can cause the inflammation of the brain, is can be fatal if not treated right after the infection occurs. If you get bitten by a bat, you should begin with rabies treatments immediately.

Bats can also cause damage to your house. Problems caused by bats that are invading households can range from mild to even life-threatening. Hearing an occasional creepy squeak or the sound of bat wings in the attic, or walls can be a nuisance, and even unsettling. It is also quite disturbing to run into a bat in the living area of your home. If a bat would get stuck and died inside your walls, or elsewhere in your home, you could notice the unpleasant smell of a decomposing bat. These problems are rarely dangerous, but should not be ignored, since they can eventually cause major problems.

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