What Bait To Use In Groundhog Traps

The joke of the trapping industry is to use apples coated with peanut butter. I have no idea why, but every do-it-yourself amateur homeowner seems to know to use apples with peanut butter as bait. Unfortunately, that bait isn't very effective. Groundhogs are herbivores, and in reality, fresh vegetables work best - such as broccoli, corn, beans, etc.

If you suspect that you have a groundhog problem, you are going to need to do something about it, and fast! Often referred to as the woodchuck, these creatures have the ability to quite literally bring your house down by burrowing channels, up to 25 and more feet in length, under home and seriously affecting the foundations it sits upon. The problem is if you have strawberries, herbs, peas or even pansies growing in your yard, there is a good chance that you are attracting these destructive little creatures, which is perhaps why you should stop growing such things, or put a super strong barrier around your yard to prevent them from entering.

If you are not sure whether or not you need help with groundhog trapping, you need to identify the warning signs of this animal being present in your yard. It has been said that these creatures can remove up to seven hundred pounds of soil – that means you are bound to find lumps or mounds of it somewhere, and even entrances to the underground caverns they are making. If you notice that plus the above mentioned foods and flowers being nibbled on, you should really call wildlife control for assistance urgently!

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Groundhogs can be trapped with a big enough trap. Generally, these critters can weigh up to eight pounds or so, so you will need to make sure that you find a trap that is big enough to hold such an animal. Most places that sell traps will be happy to advise you on the right one, and before you choose to scrimp and save on the trap – remember how much this could cost the foundations of your home if you do not get it right!

Alongside trapping the groundhog, you are going to need to check out some of the preventative methods at the same time to prevent others, or this one, coming back into your yard and potentially causing more damage. Ideally, you are going to want to construct a wire fence around the perimeter of your yard or property, and once that goes well down into the ground to prevent the groundhog from burrowing underneath it. These is perhaps why an animal control company should be called – if you get it wrong, or misjudge the strength of the fencing or the depth to which it should go, you will have wasted a lot of money, only for the problem to persist anyway.

Bait is important with groundhog trapping, especially if you want the whole ordeal over and done with as soon as possible. One thing that has been shown to have very positive results with groundhog trapping is cantaloupe that has been cut down to square chunks, around two inches by two inches in size. This works because you can spread the juice of the cantaloupe around to further lure the creature in – around the trap, on the trap, and even from the holes or burrows that you have spotted t the trap. You shouldn’t clean out the bait either if you haven’t caught anything in the first couple of days – the more decomposing the fruit is, the more the groundhogs seems to be attracted to it!

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