How to Kill Rabbits with Poison

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HUMANE HINTS: You very rarely have to kill a rabbit. In most cases you can resolve a rabbit problem without killing or even trapping the animal - for example, you can install fencing around a garden you don't want eaten. Spray very hot sauce, like capsaicin, on plants. Keep habitat less attractive, by eliminating excess plant life or long grass. If you use a cage trap, be sure to set it in the shade and relocate the rabbit as soon as possible. Never attempt to poison rabbits. Unfortunately, there are no effective or registered rabbit repellents.

How To Kill A Rabbit
Rabbits may make funny cartoon characters, but when these prodigious breeders take up residence in your area the damage and frustration that they can cause is not a laughing matter. With the ability to breed many times during the year, and with offspring that will reach sexual maturity quite quickly, a small rabbit problem can swiftly become a much larger issue, especially in an area near domestic properties. Rabbits can often make very good pets when they are domesticated, but in an area with tens or even hundreds of rabbits running wild this can often drive many people to try and kill the rabbits. Below we discuss options, and reasons why killing rabbits, while possible, is probably not the best approach.

Lethal Rabbit Traps
There are a number of different types of traps that can commonly be used to kill a rabbit, and many will be designed to suit the individual location where the trap is being placed. The most common type of trap that is commercially available for a rabbit will be a body grip trap that will quickly crush the animal to death, and this will usually not have to be baited in order to attract the rabbit. Older trappers and those who have been taught by men experienced in killing rabbits will also frequently use a snare trap, but this is one that needs to be in the right place and at the right height to be successful. These traps are hard to use, and can injure a person.

Shooting Rabbits
Another common method that many people in rural areas will use when they are killing a rabbit is to use a rifle. It can often require a lot of skill and practice to be able to shoot a rabbit, as they are small and nimble animals that rarely stay still for very long, especially if they feel that there is someone nearby. One problem with shooting rabbits is that you have to be confident of the kill, as a rabbit injured by a gun will often spill blood over a long distance, and this has been known to spread parasites and diseases in this way.

Poisoning A Rabbit
Many people will consider using poison and believe that it is the easiest way to kill a rabbit, but the reality is that there are no registered or effective poisons for rabbits, and if there were, they would cause much more problems than they would solve. Rabbits are already prey to many different predators that can often be more of a pest than the rabbits themselves, and the carcass of a poisoned rabbit can often attract other animals into the area. This can be even more of a problem if you are using poison to try and eliminate a large number of rabbits, and there really are better solutions available.

Alternatives To Killing Rabbits
Although rabbits can be a real pest, it isn’t always necessary to start killing them. Prevention techniques are a far better long-term solution. Killing them is very hard work, and risky! Such an approach will often lead to a long running fight to try and control and eliminate a population of rabbits. Not only is killing rabbits a particularly time consuming process but for those who are do-it-yourself or are hiring someone to do this for them, then it can also prove to be very expensive too, or risky to use lethal traps or firearms. This is why keeping the rabbits out permanently, with fencing, is a much more practical solution in areas with high rabbit populations.

Depending on the species of rabbit, clearing the shrubbery and plants growing close to the ground can help to reduce the cover available for the rabbits and reduce the attractiveness of the area to them. However, the best solution for those who are looking to protect their yard or garden, installing a rabbit proof fence will be the real solution. The fence needs to be embedded into the ground to prevent the rabbits from being able to dig under the fence, and should also be of a fairly narrow mesh so that there aren’t any gaps for the rabbit to squeeze its way in.

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This site is intended to provide rabbit education and information about how to kill rabbits with poison, so that you can make an informed decision if you need to deal with a rabbit problem. This site provides many rabbit control articles and strategies, if you wish to attempt to solve the problem yourself. If you are unable to do so, which is likely with many cases of rabbit removal, please go to the home page and click the USA map, where I have wildlife removal experts listed in over 500 cites and towns, who can properly help you kill your nuisance rabbit.

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