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How To Trap A Rabbit
The fate of rabbits as a species has been intertwined with humans for many centuries, and they play many different roles within human history and society. Their success and ability to populate very quickly is one of the major reasons for the success of the species, and a large number of rabbits can often cause significant damage in domestic gardens and especially in agricultural areas. Rabbits have been a source of food and fur in many cultures for centuries, and there are also millions of rabbits that are kept domestically as pets.

The Trap Options For Catching Rabbits
The majority of traps that will be used when catching rabbits will be lethal traps, and some of these will be more humane and effective than others. In terms of the lethal traps that are used to catch a rabbit, the majority of these will be of the snare variety, which is a simple loop of wire or plastic that will be placed where it will catch around a rabbit’s neck and continue to tighten until it is dead. The other type of trap will be a body grip trap, where the rabbit will step on the trigger and the trap will close immediately around the rabbit, crushing the animal to death.

In terms of the live traps that are available for rabbit catching, these will usually be cage traps that can be used to catch a number of rabbits at the same time. If you have a situation where there is only one rabbit causing the problem, then a trap designed to catch an individual animal can be used, but where there is one rabbit there are usually many others. Many traps can be quite large and can contain a number of different rabbits, and especially in agricultural areas there may be a number of these repeater traps required.

Locating And Baiting A Rabbit Trap
In terms of the location for a rabbit trap, the best place will often be under or near the fence which the rabbit is using to get on to your property. For those who are trapping rabbits in an agricultural area, it may be an idea to install a permanent rabbit-proof fence around the area, and incorporate trap locations into that fence so that the area can be kept permanently rabbit free. For those who are using the traps in a domestic garden, then checking the borders of your garden will usually reveal signs of how the rabbits are getting in and out, and will suggest a good place to lay the trap.

Rabbits are vegetarians and the most successful bait for these animals will be fruit and vegetables. Bugs Bunny was rarely seen without a carrot, and this is not a myth because carrots will be among the most successful bait, along with sprouts, lettuce and apples. Some people will also spray the trap with cider to attract the rabbits.

Handling And Removing Rabbits
Unless you have caught an escaped domesticated rabbit, it will rarely be possible to take the animals to a new home or release them, as they can be a pest in the majority of surroundings. There are also likely to be regulations in place about the catch and release of pest animals in your state, so these will need to be checked beforehand.

It is wise to wear gloves when handling wild rabbits, as they can deliver a bite that can break the skin, which many people who have kept a rabbit as a pet will already know. It is also worth keeping any handling of the rabbit to a minimum, as they can also carry fleas and ticks which can jump to a human and transmit their own diseases.

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