What kind of damage can rats cause in an attic?

Rats simply love to live in the attic and they are very destructive, they will eat and chew on anything in their way. They tend to destroy eaves, electrical wires, pipes, PVC and everything else you keep in the attic. These fearless rodents can cause a lot of damage to your house and attic, chewing on wires can lead to a fire and not only that, they will chew on thermal insulation. This can cause a fire as well as bigger heating costs.

Rats cannot make the damage by gnawing and chewing on things, they also need to defecate up to 60 times per day. It’s pretty disgusting. Their droppings do not only stink, it attracts other rodents and can spread disease. The most probable Infections that can affect people are salmonella and tapeworms. Also, children can be allergic to rat feces. We are not the only one endangered species; our pets are also exposed to devastating effects of the rats. Cats and dogs can suffer from diarrhea and intestinal parasites caused by microorganisms that rat can spread anywhere in the house.

These furry rodents can even make the holes in the roof by eating eaves and damage the house and the attic letting the rain in. That leak can really cause huge damage during a rainy day. The fact is that rats cause between $500 million and $1 billion of house damage in The USA. This is horrifying information. The reality is that we cannot handle the rats, there are too many of them and they can survive in most difficult conditions. They are probably the best survivors ever.

One rat cannot do almost any damage at all. Of course, there is never only one rat, they are breeding fast and in one year a pair of rats can produce 2000 babies. Imagine how many of them are in your attic right now! They are not just annoying pests that nobody likes to see, they are actual danger us. Rats can cost us a lot; can ruin our house, forcing us to spend unexpected amounts of money on repairing. Not only that, the diseases that they’re spreading can be life threatening or at least harmful. The only thing that we can do is to call the professionals to destroy them, but there are no guarantees that the rats will not be coming back again. Inspect your attic and other areas of your house regularly, repair the eventual holes and other damaging they’ve caused, put poison in places where you noticed them and hope for the best.

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