Why using poison causes dead rats inside the house

Rats are among the group of animals that invade a person’s house and create habitats there because of the presence of food, water and shelter. They hide in holes in the wall, in attics and also behind large furniture placed adjacent to the wall. This is because the shadows created by this large furniture make it suitable for the rats to move about the wall without being seen. Behind the furniture are also the areas where predators cannot reach. The attic is the most common place where you can find the rat. This is because the attic is warm, dark and hidden. Hidden in the sense that people would not go there often. Attics are usually stores for items that cannot be used for a long time.

When people get fed up with these rats, they start weighing several options on the best methods of killing them. In truth, there are very many ways to kill a rat. The problem is a few have been proven to actually work. The few that there are are what people try to apply. There can be the use of lethal traps, the use of scientific sound emitting devices, the use of cats and poisoning.

Poisoning is a very effective method of killing rats. Therefore the answer to the question if poisoning causes dead rats is YES. It is a very common method of killing rats. This article will explain why poisoning is the most effective and also show how to poison carefully without harming your health or your pet’s health.

Many people ask exactly how rat poison works. Well, there are theories that they make the rat thirsty. This is not true. The actual reason why poison kills the rats inside the house is that it makes the rats lethargic. This means that the rats suffer from internal bleeding. The poison contains acid that cuts the organs of the rat and once internal bleeding is at its maximum, the rat cannot move to escape or even to look for food. It dies on the spot.

Death actually occurs when the blood starts clotting inside the body. There will be lack of enough blood to circulate through the organs and more clotting out of the organs. Since blood is responsible for transmission of oxygen inside the body, this responsibility is hampered. The rat will not be able to breath and it will die. This makes it very effective in killing rats.

However, you should know that poisoning only kills a percentage of rats but not all of them.

Rat poison is applied on the food that rats eat. Be careful not to apply excessively because the rat can sniff the poison and not eat the food at all.

Also be careful not to touch the poison with your bare hands because you might eventually put the bare hand in your mouth and get poisoned as well.

Keep your pets away from the poisoned food.

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