Will the city or county animal services help me with a rat issue?

Imagine the shock of discovering that your home has been invaded by rats! You would probably be feeling stressed, scared, or even panicked. Your first instinct would be to contact the animal control, so that they would come to your home and exterminate your rats.

You would probably be very surprised to know that animal control doesn’t handle these types of situations. In fact, if you called animal control, they would most likely instruct you in the ways to remove rats on your own, or hire a pest control company to that for you.

Rats are considered to be domestic rodents, so if you called animal control service, and asked them to help you fix your rat-problem, you would most likely not get the answer you were hoping for.

Protecting an estate against rats is considered to be the owner’s responsibility, and rats are not considered to be wild and dangerous animals. Neither city, nor county animal control units will come to inspect a rat infestation case.

For this reason, you should fight hard to protect your home against rat invasion. The truth is, when it comes to exterminating rats, you will be left on your own.

The first step to a safe household is cleaning and sanitation. Make sure every corner of your home and yards is properly cleaned.

The second would be removing any garbage that might attract rats. Emptying your trash cans timely is one of the most significant tasks in protecting yourself from rats.

Properly maintaining your house and yard should prevent rats from coming in. make sure to seal any gaps in your fences, door, walls and windows. This will prevent rats from coming in and putting you and your family in danger.

It could come as a shock to you to find out that you would not get the help of the animal control unit in removing rats from your home. Especially If you are facing this problem for the first time and you haven’t yet built skills in dealing with it. However, even though animal control wouldn’t help you, you have enough resources available on your own.

If you are absolutely sure that you wouldn’t be able to remove rats on your own, you can always hire pest control companies to help you fix your rat problem. However, services that these companies provide can be quite expensive, and yet not effective enough. Your best chance in getting rid of rats once and for all, is for you to perform the removal on your own.

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