Will a rat have a nest of babies in the attic?

Rats in the house are a very common problem and majority of homeowners have to deal with it during their lifetimes. The presence of rats in house is something, which brings many negative outcomes and it is better to avoid the situation in all cases because rats bring with them a number of health related risks. Luckily there are many different strategies, which you can use for getting rid of rats and clearing your property, but one has to be very much careful otherwise this can impose a lot of trouble. However, important point is that for getting effective results you will actually have to carefully observe the behavior and pattern of mice and many other important aspects, which influence their survival in your place.

When you have solid evidence that rats are present in your attic, then important point to keep in mind is that one has to be very much careful while designing the removal strategy because you have to take care of two important points: 1)The animal should be removed in such a manner so that it can never come back along with their nests. 2)Your preference should be that no harm should come to rats because they are living things so inflicting pain upon them will be inhumane. First of all you will have to carefully inspect attic for checking the presence of animals there. In case you are hearing scratching noises in attic during night time or hear running in walls, then chances are very much there that disturbance is being caused because of rats. Other common evidences associated with the presence of rats are chewing wires and brown stains on pathways. After it is ensured that rats are indeed present in your attic, then start sealing all the possible entry points with steel. Next you should set rat traps in the region of attic, but keep in mind traps should be set only for capturing the animal alive.

Now when you are removing rats from attic, then a big concern is related with the presence of their nests. There are high chances that nests will be there carrying baby rats because it is common for rats to make nests using insulation or debris of plants. In these situations things become a bit complicated because of the fact that you cannot relocate rats only because baby rats will starve to death as they cannot feed themselves. In these conditions, we suggest that you should also search for the nest and after proper consideration remove the mother rat along with her nest and babies to somewhere safe with proper supply of food and water. However, if you are facing troubles, then we suggest that it is better to call experts for identifying the nest.

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