Is it Possible for Rats to get into Buildings through Plumbing?

There is only one rodent that is able to invade a home through a plumbing system and this would be a rat. Norway rats in particular are amazing swimmers and are able to enter the home through drains and all sorts of plumbing, including toilets. In modern homes, special valves are installed so as to make sure that rats are unable to reach the home through plumbing. If you are not too sure about the presence of such upgrades within your own home, then it will serve your best interests to find out and know for sure.

The fact that rats can enter into your home through toilets can be really disturbing. Many issues such as this one are easily prevented by grate installation on the valves as well as the drains within the plumbing system.

The other way of protecting yourself when you are moving into an apartment within the city is to ask about the plumbing and get to know if it is rat proof. You will note that many old buildings may not have the best or the latest modes of rat prevention in place.

Norway rats are also referred to as brown rats or sewer rats. These are well known for their swimming abilities into homes via the drain outlets and pipes. Even though they are not too good at climbing, they are able to go high enough in a building so as to get to the roof. If there is roof plumbing within the place where you live, like the case in most of the city apartments, then to be safe, you need to ensure that a grate is installed so as to prevent access of rats.

One of the common rats that you find at the rooftop is the black rat. It has great skills climbing as compared to a Norway rat. These rats usually have an inclination to get into your homes by swimming through the pipes. The possibility of rats entering your home through the roof plumbing is rather rare. All rats of all kinds are able to get into the home via the roof, through the vents or pipes which aren’t protected. The best way to take care of this is to guard your home against intrusion by all means possible.

Always ensue that the openings have grates and caps. All the holes or areas that have been damaged also have to be repaired. If you fail to effect these steps, you may be faced with a rodent issue that is very serious and most especially in the urban areas. Plumbing stacks are another way that rats can get into the home. Rats are able to climb down. Hire professionals to fix any plumbing stack damaged by rats.

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