Rat Repellent Analysis

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Let me get it out of the way. Repellents do not work, and they are a waste of time. In my 10+ years working in rat control, I have seen hundreds of homeowners attempt to use repellents of every kind, and I have DEFINITELY learned that only one thing matters - you must find out how the rats are getting inside the building, through holes, gaps, vents, etc, and seal these areas shut. Nothing else matters. Once the whole house is sealed shut with steel repairs, then you must physically trap and remove the rats. Information about rat trapping - analysis and methods for how to trap. Any other method is a waste of time.

Rats are one of the quickest spreading pests that you can have. That is bad on many levels, especially because rats can carry many diseases and can spread them by leaving droppings everywhere and they can even carry rabies. Rats are also believed to have been the main reason for the spread of the plague in Europe in the middle ages so they can be one nasty pest. Unfortunately that is not all the bad news, there aren’t many commercially available repellents in the United States and it seems that the moment one repellent comes out the rats are quick to prove it ineffective. It may be because the rats are not only very smart but they also have an amazing sense of smell and that can be what makes them able to distinguish between something that is being used as a repellent and something that they can eat.

Consider These Options
Since you won’t have a lot of choice as far as store bought repellents you may want to consider other options. That does not mean that there aren’t any things that rats dislike enough that they will move; what it means is that they will probably not move enough to leave your property. There are exterminators that will use some of these products to be able to move the rats into a trap, but as a repellent that will be effective in getting the rats out of your house those items do not have a high success rate. Some stores will promote ultrasonic or sonic devices that you plug into the wall and will emit a sonic signal that will get the rats away. These devices are meant to scare them away with sound waves that people don’t hear. Keeping rats out of the home can be a lot of hard work so there are a few different methods you should consider.

What Else Might Work
There are a few things that can prove to be effective but keep in mind that their effectiveness may be limited. Some people, including exterminators and pest control experts suggest peppermint oil. Peppermint oil will be somewhat efficient but you have to be careful not to get peppermint extract as that does not do anything to repel rats. The smell of the peppermint oil seems to work however so you may want to soak some cotton balls or a towel and put them in the place where the rats are. You can direct the rats to a different location by doing that. You may be able to draw them all outside this way, although often once they are in a home they are very difficult to get out. It is more common to use these around the outside of the home as prevention. Predator urine is also semi effective in controlling a rat problem. Rats see animals like cats, foxes and others as predators so that is what you should work with if you want some success.

If These Don’t Work
As it has been stated these repellents are not the most effective way to eliminate an infestation once they’re in the house. Because of the nature of rats you may want to consider calling an exterminator. You do not want the infestation to grow to levels where they are affecting your living situation. Quite often there can be mess, damage and more than one rate when you notice signs of their being in the home. They are a severe health hazard. Live trapping these animals isn’t recommended and quite often the traditional snap traps are the best way to rid a home that has already been invaded. You will also need to take care to make sure there is no enticing rubbish left out or food scraps and pet food that might entice them to feed and stick around.

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You're here to learn how to get rid of rats in your house, the attic, ceiling, walls, roof, etc. This site is intended to provide rat education and information, so that you can make an informed decision if you need to deal with a rat problem. This site provides many rat control articles and strategies for rat repellent products, such as rat repellent at Home Depot or Lowes, if you wish to attempt to solve the problem yourself. If you are unable to do so, which is likely with many cases of rat removal, please go to the home page and click the USA map, where I have wildlife removal experts listed in over 500 cites and towns, who can properly help you with your nuisance rat.

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