Will rats bite sleeping babies?

Rats are commonly found in rural as well as urban settings as these are one of the most commonly found rodents of our times. They may appear cute to many but actually it is a fact that rats can impose a good number of health related risks and drawbacks. Their presence should never be taken as lightly especially in areas where small children are present. They not only transmit a good variety of diseases, but also can impose risks to the well being and health of family members. More specifically it has been noticed that rats are commonly found in regions where lower socioeconomic conditions prevail.

Rat bites are rare, but one important point to highlight here is that not all the incidents are reported and it has been noticed that majority of such victims don’t bother much to take medical attention and this is not the best thing to do in all cases. People belonging to different age groups get bitten by rats, but data collected by relevant sources suggests that majority of the victims are small children including babies. Dangerous part associated with this concept is that majority of bites take place at night when parents are sleeping and victims are babies. Rats don’t hesitate in biting body parts, which are exposed during sleep more specifically fingers and hands are affected.

Fortunately bites of rats are not very severe and majority of bites can be washed simply and patients don’t need extensive medical treatment. There is very low infection rate associated with these bites and in rare cases it has been noticed that diseases are transmitted by means of these bites. In United States rats don’t impose risks associated with rabies. According to experts it is really very difficult to estimate that how commonly wild rat bites take place because it has been mentioned above that majority of bites are underreported.

Socioeconomic status plays a significant role in this regard because it has been noticed that areas where population lives below the poverty line report a high percentage of rat bites. It can be said that a closer relationship is present between incidents of rat bites and poverty. Therefore it is extremely important that one should take proper care of all the relevant issues and babies should be kept under decent protection for avoiding incidents related with rat bites. Medical aid should never be avoided and must be provided at all costs.

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