The Types of Rat Snap Traps

There are many kinds of rat snap traps that you can choose from. The most important rule in using traps is to make sure you use plenty of them so as to trap as many rats as possible. What you will notice is that the population of rats is usually higher than you may have initially anticipated.

When placing traps, it is important that you concentrate on the areas where there is high activity of the colony, such as darkened corners, along the walls behind objects and so on. Wherever you see droppings, place a rat trap.

Rats most often like safe locations which are usually enclosed. For this reason, the protect bait stations that have T-rex snap traps are ideal. The rat will feel sheltered and it will feel encouraged to enter, and children and other small animals will be protected. There are also Victor snap traps. They are great snap traps too but usually the height is an issue as it doesn’t fit the bait stations. When this is the case, you can utilize a cardboard box and then cut holes so as to place it over the trap.

In order to make sure that the snap traps will be visible to rats, make sure that you position them carefully. It is best to set these snap traps at a right angle to make sure that the end is almost at the wall. The traps should always be parallel to your wall. It is also suitable for them to be in pairs and the triggers should be in such a way that they are able to intercept the rats from all directions.

If you want to trap the rats on your roof, then it is necessary to set your traps on the limbs of the trees as well as under vegetation on the trellis or backyard fence. You can also set snap traps on all other areas where they frequent. You can also fasten the traps using wires on pipes, beams and rafters that are overhead.

Using rat snaps doesn’t necessarily guarantee quick results. You should know that the rats may be shy of any new object. This means that you may have to leave your traps in position for quite a bit of time so as to ensure that the catching opportunities are increased.

The set out unset rat traps are also easy to bury in sawdust, grains or any other kind of such materials. This can be done using empty cardboard or a pie pan. The rat bait has to be placed in small bits above the snap trap and near it. When you see that the rats have started taking bait, then it is time to set the traps.

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