How to remove a rat stuck in a dumpster?

Dumpsters are, in general, quite appealing to rats. They spread a strong odor of food remains that signalizes to rats that food supplies are available. Often, rats will feed in dumpsters, and, sometimes, get stuck.

The question you might have would be- how to remove a rat that got stuck in a dumpster? Well, first we need to address the issue that makes this matter complicated. Due to design of some type of dumpsters, rats might be able to get inside of them, but not to get out. On the other hand, facing the rat in this situation might be very dangerous for a person, because rats pose a sanitary threat. In this situation, many sources suggest that, in fact, killing a rat with the rat poison or a death trap is the only solution possible. However, death traps require baits. In case that the rat is stuck in a dumpster that contains garbage, the scent of the bait will be overwhelmed by the scent of the dumpster content. This will make the trap useless.

Rat poison, in this case, tends to emerge as a way to go, simply because the bait used in death traps will passed unnoticed by rats, and due to enormous amount of other food and smells they are surrounded with inside a dumpster. Therefore, they will most likely be successfully removed only with poison. In most cases, poison, as a method of removing rats, is not recommended. In this case, due to death traps not being able to provide their best results, it is an appropriate solution.

Another option that is sometimes mentioned, though there hasn’t been a significant record on its effectiveness, is the method of leaving the lid of the dumpster open overnight and giving the rat a chance to leave on its. However, this advice is not likely to produce results, because the lid itself is most likely not the thing stopping the animal from escaping, but other reasons as well. Rat could be sick, or the dumpster could be too deep for it to get out. Not to mention the very nature of rats, which will make them less likely to abandon the source of food.

After a successful removal of the animal, dumpster should be secured against rats getting inside it again. The design of dumpsters, which are, normally made out of a very sleek material, and being quite deep on the inner side, makes it very possible for rets to get stuck in, especially if the dumpster is not full.

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