The Things That Rodents Can Chew Through

Most of the rodents species are small animals with robust bodies, short limbs, and long tails. They have a powerful jaw, and they use their sharp incisors to chew through things and gnaw food. Rodents include the well-known mice, rats, hamsters, prairie dogs, beavers, squirrels, guinea pigs, and others.

For example, the rat is a very common rodent that may cause a lot of trouble, especially as it chews through different things. The muscles that control the rat’s jaw are so powerful since they are anchored around the eye sockets and even running behind the eyeballs. The reason why rats chew on things is because their incisors never stop growing. That is why, they will have to constantly chew on things so that they would wear their teeth down. If they do not chew on things, their teeth will grow in a spiral way until the rat becomes unable to close its mouth and eat, which results in it dying.

Both rats and mice are the cause of millions of dollars in damage to homeowners each and every year. These rodents chew through insulation, wood, drywall, and even any other building material. As they secretly chew through a wall at night and creep into your house, they will chew on anything within the interior of your home. They will also open the door for their friends and relatives to come on and leave contaminated droppings and cause extensive destruction. In your house, they will chew on your food stores, your papers, your clothes, and even your electrical components. The greatest and most dangerous problem is when they chew through the electrical wiring around the house since that may lead to a devastating fire. In addition, rodents can chew up roofing, and that may lead to a serious water damage.

In short, rodents will chew on anything that is not harder than their teeth, and it is worth mentioning that their teeth are pretty hard. They can chew on most of the materials used by people to keep them out, including plastic, wood, brick, cement, lead, asbestos, aluminum, and even cinder blocks. Adding insult to injury, rodents not only have strong teeth, but they also can fall from up to 50 feet tall without getting injured, they can swim in water for 3 days without drowning, they can squeeze themselves through opening as big as a quarter, and they can breed in a very fast way.

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