The Banded Water Snake

The Banded Water Snake, scientifically referred to as “Laticauda colubrine”, is also known as the colubrine sea krait, or banded sea krait. It is specie of venomous snake found predominantly in the sea especially in the tropical ocean waters.


The ventral of this snake is large, and normally extend by one-third to more than the half size of the entire body. Its nostrils are normally lateral in appearance, while the nasal body is separated from the internal parts of the body. The snake is made up of inter-nasals which comprises of between 21 and 25 rows characterized by scales at the mid-section of the body. The snake is quite long, a typical male specie measures 875mm while a typical female measures 1420mm with tail lengths extending up to 130mm in males and 145mm in females. The color of the banded water snake may vary from light to bluish grave at the posterior as well as yellowish color in the interior.

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The head above the eye of this snake normally provides a temporary shield for the snake, while the rest of the head is black in color. These snakes are venomous however they are not always aggressive to sea divers.


Banded water snakes are often seen in groups of large numbers, especially when they are hunting. The hunting techniques of these snakes often look similar to that of the Moray eel. Banded water snake needs to drink fresh water often and that forces it to migrate to the land. The snake can probe crevices and cracks with its head and can also flush out its prey from the smallest holes and crevices. The snake can also sense predators with its head and can also fool its predator with its tail, making it appear as its head.

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Life cycle

The lifecycle of Banded water snake is rather short, with males living for not more than 2 years while female species live a little longer. Their reproductive cycles are quite short and they often become prey to many other aquatic animals therefore their numbers are fast depleting in large oceans.


Banded water snake is mostly found in the deeper parts of the sea but migrates to the top in search of food. The snake is normally found close to the rocky headlands of the Borneo and Sabah beaches, they are also found close to the rocky Islands of the Tanjung Aru Islands of the Australasian regions of the world. They are found mostly in Southern China, Taiwan and some mountainous regions of Japan with some species found in Australia and New Zealand. Diet Banded water snake typically consume smaller fishes and crustaceans in the sea, these include smaller crabs and little fishes.

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