What should I do with a snake after catching it?

Setting a trap for snake is a difficult task but deciding about a snake that has been successfully trapped is even harder and complicated. We all understand the point very well that snakes are dangerous and you need to be very much careful while dealing with them. It is best that if there is no prior experience to support you, then get in touch with wildlife control workers as they can always help you in the best possible manner using the right kind of tools and equipment.

In situations where you actually have complete knowledge related with the type of snake that has been caught it can be a bit easier to manage things, but on the other side if you don’t know that what type of snake you have actually caught, then never take chance because there are species of snakes, which never like the idea to be handled. It is best to carry the trapped snake (inside the trap) to the vehicle and place the setting inside trunk or other enclosed region from where you can transfer the snake easily without any problem.

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Some points that should be kept in mind are as follow

  • Don’t irritate the snake
  • It will be a better idea to keep away children and pets from the trap because taking risks is never the best thing to do.
  • Make sure that snake finds no way of escaping while you are transferring it to another place because this will bring many threats and risks for you.
  • If you will decide to liberate the snake at a place that is much closer to your property, then think again because it will not be difficult for the animal to track its way back to your home. Best strategy is that snake should be released at a distance of one mile from your house because this will ensure that it doesn’t come back. Be careful while releasing the snake, do not use bare hands because this will create problem.
  • You focus should be upon leaving the animal at a place where it can survive without hurting others. Release it at a natural region where there should be no human beings living in the surroundings. Prefer to go to a state park or any other area that you find suitable for the purpose.
  • Freeing the snake is not always the hardest part as in most of the conditions it has been noticed that snake will happily crawl away leaving you unharmed. However, you should take the necessary protection by wearing longer pants as well as protective gloves because this will save you from any kind of unwanted accident because no one wants to be bitten.

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Thank you for the information provided on your web site. I am, unfortunately, absolutely terrified of ALL snakes--big, small, venomous, non-venomous--you name it; if it slithers, it scares me. Irrational, I know, but a real phobia nonetheless. When my husband saw a large black rat snake in our backyard a month ago, I was not happy. When my neighbor came home and found a large black rat snake on his front porch last week, it made me even more nervous. When I was swinging my kids out back the other day, and saw a large black rat snake five feet away, I freaked! I know that snakes have their place in the ecosystem, and I know that they help control pests. I'm pretty sure the snake was drawn to our yard due to the large number of spider crickets found in our shed every summer...well, until this summer. We have a regular pest control service, and I've never seen a cricket in our house, nor have I found anything larger than a silverfish on any of the glue traps left by the technician. Because the spider crickets seem to limit themselves to the shed, and the shed is not too close to our house, they don't bother me. It's the snake that bothers me. Although, now I know that having spider crickets, increases the potential of also having a snake. I found your site while researching how to get rid of snakes. Before I bought out Walmart's entire stock of mothballs, I wanted to know if they worked. After learning that they don't, I moved on to plan B--making my yard less inviting to unwanted guests, and removing the snake in the backyard. Thankfully, my husband doesn't share my fear, and is willing to remove it. He went out the other day after I saw it, but it got away, and hid under our deck. Despite my intense fear of snakes, I don't want it dead, I just want it gone. I was looking at snake traps on Amazon and came across the one featured on your site. The reviews on it were mixed. Now that I see you endorse it, I'm getting one. You obviously know what you're talking about. I'm really hoping it will be the solution to my problem. Until the snake is gone, my kids and I are not setting foot in the backyard. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge. It's been helpful; probably more so than any $45 phone call to that other snake expert.

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